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Yale Access is Yale’s global digital locking solution for the residential market. Yale smart locks can now be controlled through the use of the Yale Access App, giving you total control over your lock. You are able to lock and unlock your door, grant access to others and keep track of visitor access all via your mobile device.
With 24/7 lock activity, you can see who and when people accessed your lock. Using varying technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS as well as the Yale Access App, the auto unlock function unlocks your door as you approach.

Yale’s door position sensor checks the status of the door and tells you if your door is securely closed and locked. This avoids inadvertently locking your door whilst the door is open.
With a Yale lock connected to the Yale Connect Bridge* you are able to lock and unlock your door from wherever you are. You can change PIN codes and lock settings remotely. Integrating the bridge into your home automation system, users have the ability to create scenes such as turn your lights on when your door unlocks.

The Yale Connect Bridge also enables voice assistant and ‘Works with’ ability, integrating into your Google, Samsung or Alexa smart home devices. (*This features is not available in Singapore)

Yale Access App is a seamless and simple method of controlling and monitoring your lock, continuing to provide you piece of mind and a feeling of security.

Features & Benefits

Total control via the App
The Yale Access App allows you to lock and unlock your door, grant access to others and keep track of visitor access. 

Remote access
Access your lock from anywhere, anytime; lock and unlock, manage access and adjust lock settings remotely.

Auto unlock/lock (*Not available in Singapore)
Auto unlock your door as you walk up without the need to take out your phone. The door position sensor tells you if your door is open or closed.

Door position sensor
Tells you whether your door is open or closed.

Voice assistant compatible
Integrate with voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant for hands-free control.

Tailor user access
Use either the Yale Access App, Yale Key Tags or upgrade with the Yale Smart Keypad to access your lock. 

24/7 Lock Activity trails
Keep track of all entry access to the lock via the activity trail as they occur.

Product Specifications
Models that can be use for Yale Access:

YDM 7116A, YMI 70A , YDR 50GA, YDR 30GA, YDD 424A, YDM 3109A, YDM 7220, YMF 40A RL


Download Yale Access App via Apple store or Play store