Yale 5120 - Series Standard Duty Cylindrical Knobset

5120 series is the economic choice for standard residential purpose. Recomended for use on internal doors.

Knob Style Model No. Function Finish 
BR 512 1 Passage or Closet

2 Privacy, Bedroom, or Bathroom

Storeroom or Clsoet

 US3 Polished Brass
CA  US5 Antique Brass
CN  US11 Antique Copper
OV  US15 Satin Nickel
MY  US32D Satin Stainless Steel


Dimension  385 x 300 x 430mm
Backset 60mm or 70mm
Door thickness 35-45mm
Material for strike plate and face plate US32D, US3, US5, US11-steel
Material for knob and rose US32D-SS, US3, US5, US11-brass
Nickel plated brass key 3 pcs
Material for cylinder plug Zinc alloy
Material for cylinder housing Zinc alloy
Rose diameter 65mm
No of Pin 5
Strike plate T shape