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Every day since 1840.

We are trusted by millions of people to keep the things that matter most - our homes, families and belongings - safe. Every day. We were there for your grandparents (and probably theirs), and we will be here for you and the next generation. Because when we do things, we do them properly.

Yale 180 years - Trusted every day

Yale a brand new day

Yale welcomes a brand-new day with a refreshed brand identity.

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Inspired by the Egyptians

Image of an Ancient Egyptian wooden lock with pins, the model used by Linus Yale for his inventions, but his most important invention was the Yale Cylinder lock.

The Pin-Tumbler invention

Yale’s best known lock design is the cylinder pin-tumbler lock. The pin tumbler lock is a lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key.

The Classic Yale Story

The original Yale showroom in the Chrysler Building, New York City, USA.

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